Our Mission

The Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada is comprised of regular members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. We provide representation to identify, resolve and reach consensus on professional and employment concerns with our Employer. We seek to exercise our right to engage in free collective bargaining with our Employer, a right currently enjoyed by all police officers in Canada, except for RCMP members. We do not seek or support the right to strike. We strive for excellence in our conduct and obligations. We provide leadership to all of our membership, in affiliation with the Canadian Police Association, on justice issues which affects the quality of life of all Canadians.


We are a professional association looking out for the interests of Regular members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


The Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada, MPPAC was initially formed to unify the existing members in the current Associations, BCMPPA, MPAO to protect and advance the interests of our membership and our profession. MPPAC is the only national not for profit association which represents non-commissioned RCMP nationally.


  • To affiliate all eligible members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police into the Association, MPPAC and to promote the mutual interests of all of its members.
  • To act as the bargaining agent for RCMP employees authorised to bargain with the Employer under any legislation that may be made available to our members, or at common law, if there is no legislation in place.
  • Improve the wages, benefits and working conditions of our members.
  • To represent our members interests on matters of workplace health, safety and wellness.
  • To encourage and foster improvement of the status, training and qualifications of our members with our Employer.
  • In co-operation with RCMP management and the Employer, foster improvements in policing methods and the standards of policing.
  • Uphold our members rights and foster good labour relations with our Employer, in an effort to obtain fair and equitable working conditions and the corresponding benefits for our membership.
  • To provide a forum for our members to identify, debate and reach consensus on professional and employment issues in the workplace.
  • To foster harmonious relations between our members and other police representative associations; municipal, provincial, national and international police agencies.
  • To negotiate and enter into private consumer benefits and programs which may be of benefit to our membership.
  • To promote and enhance professionalism and cooperation among our members and to strive toward excellence in our conduct, obligations, and order.
  • To foster the good and welfare of our membership and to promote and afford opportunity for recreational activities.
  • To ensure our members enjoy the same rights and freedoms under the law as all other citizens.
  • To foster the professional standing of our members and our profession.


  • Active membership is open to every regular member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police up to and including the rank of Staff Sergeant Major. An active member of the Association may continue as such until, his/her retirement from regular police duties, or his/her promotion to a commissioned rank.
  • An active member of the Force, has the right to vote at any Annual General Meeting, Special General Meeting and any other membership meetings
  • An Active current member can hold office as an Executive Officer of the Association.