Rae Banwarie Bio

Rae is married and has two young children, who attend elementary school. He lives and is posted in the LMD.


  • University of Manitoba Bachelor of Arts
    • Major in Criminology/Minor Political Studies

Policing Experience

  • Rae is a 19-year member of the RCMP.
  • As of 2016, all of his policing has been in E Division.
  • His professional police experience is varied and dynamic:
    • He completed approximately 9 years in patrol on Vancouver Island at West Shore Detachment.
      • He worked on the Watch
      • Was seconded to General Investigation Section
      • Worked in the Municipal Traffic Unit
      • The Criminal Crash Investigative Team (CCIT).
    • He was a part of the Vancouver Island Tactical Team and deployed to several large protests nationally:
      • Summit of the Americas
      • Saanich Fisheries protest
      • Tofino native protest
      • Kananaskis.
    • He built and created a special projects vehicle Streetwise for the Detachment, which he used to bridge the gap between youth and police in his detachment area. He recognized the need for this and proactively accomplished this milestone for the betterment of the youth and communities at Westshore.
    • In 2005, he transferred to Federal Policing and was posted to the Federal Enforcement Section.
      • His expertise became Counterfeits and Copyrights.
      • He worked with many other federal, provincial and international agencies:
        • CBSA
        • Health Canada
        • College of Pharmacists
        • FBI
        • HSI.
      • He also became part of various federal investigations under the Border Integrity umbrella. To name a few:
        • Customs and Excise
        • Immigration and Passport
        • Counterfeit Tobacco.
    • He was seconded to National Security for nine months and worked in the anti-terrorist financing unit (ATFIU), and then as part of the Dawson Creek pipeline bombings investigative team.
    • After this time, he transferred to Federal Drugs for approximately two years, then moved into Integrated Proceeds of Crime for approximately two years.
      • All federal units were collapsed and Federal Serious and Organized Crime (FSOC) was created.
    • He was transferred to the FSOC Intake Unit and was in the acting corporal position in the Intake Unit.
      • His primary duties were extradition files, Interpol files and supervision of a variety of request for assistance files, which came from national and international partners.

Workplace Training

Rae completed several RCMP courses, such as:

  • The Supervisors Developmental Program
  • Extradition Investigations
  • Managing Safely
  • Worked many VIP visits as site detail, surveillance and the myriad of required mandatory training necessary for contract and federal policing.


  • Rae completed the Canadian Police Association Executive Leadership Program, Module 1 – Recognized by the University of Ottawa.
  • Rae completed the labour course ‘Introduction to Labour Studies’ from Athabasca University.

Association Experience

  • Rae joined the British Columbia Mounted Police Professional (BCMPPA) in 2007 as a member.
    • From his background, research and investigation of this group, he learned that their mandate was to assist and advocate for members. This is why he chose a career in policing: to help people.
  • He was appointed by the Board of Directors to an Officer position shortly after two years of mentorship.
  • He was then asked by the Board to become the Editor of the Service Star Magazine. After his time in this position, he was appointed by the Board to the Treasurer position, and later nominated as the Vice President of the BCMPPA.
  • In 2010, after the win at the SCC – the right to collective bargaining – he became one of the founding members of the Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada (MPPAC).
  • In late 2012, he was elected by the Board of Directors as the President of MPPAC.
  • Rae is a Board member of the Canadian Police Association.
  • Rae has advocated for hundreds of members over the years in:
    • Grievances
    • Codes of Conduct
    • Compassionate Transfers
    • Given advice on policy and strategy for members in various situations.
  • He has advocated for members at:
    • The Commanding Officer level, in various divisions
    • The governmental level, in Public Safety
    • The Commissioner of the RCMP level.
  • In every situation, Rae’s focus has always been the best outcome for the member, period. He has always operated with an ethical and moral compass and this is the fundamental trait why he believes members turn to him for assistance and return on multiple occasions for advice.
  • MPPAC’s fight has always been for the betterment of their members and their families’ futures. When our members win, we all win.
  • Rae remains committed to organizing MPPAC and all significant decisions made are overseen and approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Rae remains committed to working with the national executive and officers to ensure that MPPAC becomes the national certificated Bargaining Agent for all non commissioned RCMP civilian and regular members.

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