MPPAC Legal Indemnification Program

December 1st, 2016 Media Release

We are proud to inform you of our success in renewing and improving our legal indemnification program provided by Lloyds of London. We have been listening to your comments as we advo-cate for members across the country. In most cases, whether it be a Code of Conduct Investi-gation, harassment complaint, human rights complaint, grievances or medical discharges, our members who are part of our legal indemnification program are finding substantial value in our program. It has become a significant means of protection. We are happy to have been there for each of you – our membership – to help and assist you through the processes, whatever they may be.

MPPAC and our national officers are walking the talk! Who else is there for you now?

We have attached the latest video link interview conducted by one of our Ontario Officers regarding our program and also attached the flyer which highlights the main features of our program. Our legal indemnification program is now 24/7 with after-hours calls for emergency situations. This is very significant as it will offer protection to our members regardless of the time of day when an incident occurs!

As we continue to grow and drive towards certification we will develop a more robust legal program comprised of our hand-picked lawyers nationwide, who will become the bedrock of our enhanced legal assistance program.


The Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada (MPPAC) aims to become the independent la-bour representative for all non-commissioned RCMP members. MPPAC was established in 2010 to fight for the right to engage in collective bargaining through an independent association on behalf of RCMP regular and civilian members across Canada.

We strive for excellence in our conduct and obligations. We provide leadership to all of our membership, on justice issues which affect the quality of life of all Canadi-ans. The Association does not seek or support the right to strike. To learn more, visit Become a member today and lets put forward a collective voice on work issues that concern us all. Please forward this message to your RCMP colleagues who are not yet members of MPPAC.