MPPAC member’s letter to the Commissioner.

April 24th, 2016 Uncategorized

Hello Sir,

It would appear we are having some type of member relations nightmare. Outwardly anyway, it appears as though you’ve supported Bill C-7 and it’s exclusions for the benefit of someone or some thing other than the membership you are in charge of. You previously stated that you are in support of the membership being given the right of collective bargaining.

We have to presume that statement was based on your knowledge of Bill C-7 and it’s exclusions. So in retrospect your statement would reflect that you are supportive of the SMT keeping control of anything that matters to the membership. As well, thanks to C-7, the matters that you are not in control of (pay) the arbitrator assigned in a binding arbitration issue would have their options limited to what the government agrees on.  Perhaps we could stay Mum on supporting the membership until that misunderstanding has been cleared up.

The fact that the debate surrounding Bill C-7 occurred while we have absolutely no voice was some coincidence wasn’t it.

The other night on shift I was reading some items on our RCMP web page to try and put myself to sleep (that was joke kind of like the traffic ticket comment) and found the below correspondence.

RCMP Focus 2017 Communications Strategy

  • improve leadership communications
  • ensure timely and appropriate responses to high-profile issues.

I hope we don’t have to wait until 2017 before the SMT informs us as to why they supported Bill C-7 as it stands. I have only been around for 20 years but I have never before experienced the outward lack of support shown to members by Senior Management. I think we could accept the outward lack of support if it didn’t include actions which appear to be against the best interest of the membership.

The Supreme Court of Canada gave membership a chocolate bar, it would appear we’ve now been left with the wrapper. As for the tone of this e-mail I am trying to remain light hearted as I refuse to believe all is as it seems. The membership is expected to be accountable for our communications and actions. For the sake of morale please explain your support for Bill C-7 and its exclusions.

The path of least resistance is paved with mediocrity