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Fabric of RCMP about to rip apart, say pro union representatives – Kelowna Capital News

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Rob Creasser on CBC News in Edmonton regarding the 10 year anniversary of Mayerthorpe and how much, (or little), has been done to improve officer and public safety since that incident. Starts around the 7:40 minute mark and concludes at the 11:02 minute mark.

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Inside the RCMP’s biggest crisis

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Rob Creasser joined Jim Harrison on Wednesday, February 25th to give a progress report on the Supreme Court decision that allows RCMP members to ‘organize’.


Judicial system ‘failed again’: retired Mayerthorpe Mountie

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In Harm’s Way: The PTSD crisis among Canada’s first responders

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Rob Creasser on CBC As It Happens discussing various current RCMP Topics

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Rob Creasser on CTV discussing RCMP Safety Review

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Rob Creasser discusses topics on the Jim Harrison Show.

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