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RCMP group issues PTSD ‘call to action’ after Ron Francis’s suicide

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Would put cameras on cops

Public Safety Canada must mandate body-worn minicams for RCMP officers, says a Conservative MP. The Mounties have ordered a national feasibility study on assigning body-worn miniature video recorders to all frontline officers.
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Cop Report 1

A former Kamloops Mountie…who’s now a spokesman for the mounted police professional association….says a new report that questions police staffing levels…is in-complete… Rob Creasser…reacting to the findings of a Fraser Institute study…..which found that over a 26 year period, between 1986 and twenty-twelve……the number of so called criminal code incidents…handled by each police officer across Canada……dropped…by 36.8 per cent…..
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As well…the Fraser Institute study has found that while police staffing levels increased nearly 9 per cent between 2 thousand one and 2 thousand twelve…..-the nation’s overall crime rate….came down…26.3 per cent…

Cop Report 2

A retired Kamloops Mountie…says a new report from the right leaning Fraser Institute fails to tell the entire story when it comes to police staffing levels….. Rob Creasser….now a spokesman for the mounted police professional association calls the study incomplete by not recognizing that today’s cops…do a lot more than fight crime…
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In noting that police staffing levels are up…while crime is down…the Fraser Institute research found that over a 26 year period between 1986 and twenty-twelve……the number of so called criminal code incidents…handled by each police officer across Canada……dropped…by 36.8 per cent…..

Thank you again for participating in ‘Your Question Period’.

Dear Mr. Beaulieu, Thank you again for participating in ‘Your Question Period’. Senator Mitchell stood in the Senate Chamber on September 18th and asked your question to Senator Carignan, the Leader of the Government in the Senate. You can find the archive of the audio proceedings here: In addition, we have posted the text and audio of your question to our website here: We encourage you to share this link with your friends and family! Once again, we truly appreciate your participation in this new initiative. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Sincerely, Adam G. Hutt Parliamentary Assistant / Assistant Parlementaire Office of the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate The Honourable Joan Fraser Bureau de la Leader adjointe de l’opposition au Sénat L’honorable Joan Fraser 381-S Centre Block, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A4

RCMP harassment, bullying continues: Liberal MP

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Those meant to protect us in Canada are in need of protection from each other…

Following a seminar in Vancouver where Liberal MP Judy Sgro presented some of her findings after meeting with RCMP members across the country…mounted police professional association spokesperson Rob Creasser was not surprised. Being a Mountie comes with a work environment where abuse and harassment destroys careers… He feels the issue starts at the top… Sgro will present her findings to parliament….a move Creasser believes is a good first step… a call for a judicial inquiry is seconded by the Mounted Police Professional Association… Spokesman Rob Creasser says he was not surprised by liberal MP Judy Sgro’s comments yesterday saying she has found the RCMP continues to battle bullying and harassment…despite claims the Mounties are trying to fix the issue… Creasser believes an inquiry is a good first step…

Creasser says the issue with the RCMP is often people are promoted…though they have no idea how to manage people…

RCMP Harassment, Bullying Still Exists In Force: Liberal MP

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MPPAC spokesperson speaks out on RCMP class action disability lawsuit win.

The Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada applauds the multi million dollar class action settlement for disabled RCMP Officers whose benefits had been clawed back. Spokesman Rob Creasser says the settlement is worth 70 million dollars….and comes on the heels of a similar agreement for the Canadian Forces. The settlement involves nearly 1100 officers whose long term disability payments were reduced by the amount of their monthly benefits from Veterans Affairs…..

It’s believed a number of former RCMP Officers in the Kamloops area may benefit from the settlement of a class action lawsuit. Mounted Police Professonal Association of Canada spokesman Rob Creasser says the suit was launched in 2008 by former officers who had disability payments clawed back… The settlement, believed to be worth 70 million dollars was launched in 2008….and follows in the footsteps of a similar settlement involving military veterans.

Why are the RCMP less well-armed than a municipal police force?

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