Update to Members

May 29th, 2017 Media Release

To our National Membership,

I write to you today to inform you that I will be stepping down as the national President of MPPAC. My LWOP has come to end and I have started at the Financial Integrity Unit – Federal Serious Organized Crime in E Div HQ. I will no longer be able to commit unfettered time to the Association movement as this is a project based unit.

The MPPAC Board has elected Louis Philippe Theriault as the new President of MPPAC. I support and endorse LP in this position as he has already demonstrated the requisite leadership on many occasions towards our membership and publicly spoken out on many occasions on behalf of MPPAC. I believe he is a great leader and is ready to take the Association into the exciting future still ahead for all of us.

MPPAC must be strategically positioned so that if there is a failure of the part of the NPF to certify and they are penalized for 6 months, MPPAC will be seeking to move to forward with a new application for certification.

MPPAC continues to have a strong team of committed, ethical, moral, executives whose commitment has always been your interests and that of your families first! This is who we are! We will continue to represent and support you as we continue in this journey together towards unionization.

To the thousands of members nationally whom I have met and spoken to and the many members who still contact me on a daily basis, I will still be here to assist and provide strategic guidance and support to you. This will not change, nor my commitment to you.

This has been a historic and one of the greatest journeys I have been blessed to have been a part of in the RCMP. This has been an experience unlike any other and history will always remember us as the people who stood up and fought the most righteous of all fights when it mattered, for those who could not. I have you, our national membership to thank for this opportunity!

It has been an honour to have served you and to serve with you, in our RCMP.

My very best to each and every one of you.


Rae Banwarie B.A.
President – Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada.
Association Canadienne de la Police Montee Professionnelle